The Sales Dialog API

The Sales Dialog API provides dialogs through which users can purchase content.

Present, link, or redirect users to generated dialog URLs, and the LaterPay Platform will handle the rest, eventually redirecting back to your site as appropriate.


Historically we recommended presenting these via <iframe> as an overlay on your site. We no longer recommend this, as it does not support users with third-party cookies disabled.

Currently LaterPay allows you to create several types of dialogs:

  • Direct sale dialog (/dialog/buy) where the user has to pay now to gain access to content.

  • Digital invoice sale dialog (/dialog/add) where the user promises to pay later to gain access to content now.

  • Subscription dialog (/dialog/subscribe) where the user has to pay now to gain access to content.


If you are using the Contributions or Donations Dialog APIs, the Sales API endpoints may not yet be available for you. If you would like to enable sales, please contact

Common properties

All calls to the following endpoints must include the common parameters (see Common Parameters).

All calls listed here are HTTP(S) requests to:

Each API call states the HTTP method meant to be used to call it (GET or POST) and its parameters.

All API requests must be signed with a digital signature based on your organization’s API key.