The Donate Dialog API

The Donate Dialog API allows users to donate money to support your organization or site.

Create one or more links on your site or your promotional emails with donation amounts, and the LaterPay Platform will handle the rest.


Our Sales API restricts access to content, in exchange for payment, which requires collecting sales tax. The Donations API does not collect taxes or restrict access to content; this is a voluntary donation from the user to you.

The Donate Dialog API is only available in the US, and is available for nonprofit organizations not using the Sales API. Please contact if you are interested in using this feature.

Currently LaterPay allows you to create two types of dialogs:

  • Immediate donation dialog (/dialog/donate/pay_now) where the user pays their donation at the same time they pledge it.

  • Later donation dialog (/dialog/donate/pay_later) where the user promises to donate once their invoice reaches a fixed amount.


The pay_later dialog is a convenience to users, where they can donate without immediately logging in and/or creating an account with LaterPay. However, this may provide an inconsistent stream of donations, as it may take a user a long time to pay their invoice. For this reason, we recommend using pay_now links as your preferred dialog type.

Common properties

All calls to the following endpoints must include the common parameters (see Common Parameters).

All calls listed her are HTTPS requests to:

Each API call states the HTTP method meant to be used to call it (GET or POST) and its parameters.

All API requests must be signed with a digital signature based on your organization’s API key.