This chapter lists the URLs that you use to access Connector Admin Interface and to include Connector Script. It also includes a section with the URLs that you use to access Merchant Backend.

See chapter Regions, Environments and Locales for further details about how and why the URLs differ for the various combinations of regions, enviroments and locales.

URLs of Connector Script

Stable Releases

The URLs in the tables below will always point to the latest stable release of Connector Script 3.

If you wish to pin a specific release, replace “3-stable” in the URL with the corresponding version of that release (e.g. “3.1.0”).

See Releases of Connector Script for a complete list of all releases.


To always get the latest release of Connector Script 3 (including both pre-releases and stable releases) use the URLs from the tables above and replace “3-stable” with “3-pre”.

Note that pre-releases can be unstable and are not intended for production use.

URLs of Merchant Backend

Even though Merchant Backend is not part of Connector, this list might come in handy at some point:

Region Environment URL
EU Sandbox https://web.sandbox.laterpaytest.net/merchant
EU Live https://web.laterpay.net/merchant
US Sandbox https://web.sandbox.uselaterpaytest.com/merchant
US Live https://web.uselaterpay.com/merchant