Connector offers two ways of configuration, which provide different levels of flexibility and can be used in combination:

The easiest way to get started is by using Connector Admin Interface. See chapter Connector Admin Interface for more details.

In-Page Configuration offers a more fine-grained control and additional features. Read more about it in chapter In-Page Configuration.

Connector Admin Interface and In-Page Configuration can be used in combination to fit the specific needs of your integration.

Configuration Feature Matrix

The following feature matrix gives an overview of the features each way of configuration offers (scroll to the right to see the overflowing content):

Feature Connector Admin Interface In-Page Configuration
Connector Script Classic Connector Script For Video Players
Define which part of a page is paid content [1]  
Set up Price Points
Set up Single Purchases
Set up Time Passes [2]
Set up Subscriptions [2]
User Interface:      
Customize appearance of user interface elements    
Customize translations of user interface elements  
Register In-Page Configuration callbacks  
Set up Custom Analytics Integration  
Video specific configuration [3]    
[1]This feature applies to Connector Script Classic only. Read Content Obfuscation for details.
[2](1, 2) Setting up Time Passes and Subscription via In-Page Configuration requires Connector Script 3, which introduces In-Page Configuration Token.
[3]Read In-Page Configuration Properties Specific To Connector Script For Video Players for details.