Automatic Analytics Integration

Connector Script automatically detects Google Analytics for Web (analytics.js) based on the global variable ga. If the service is detected on the current page, Connector Script automatically sends Event Actions to it.

The Event Actions are reported with the category LaterPay Connector, so they can easily be identified in the resulting statistics.

Automatic Analytics Integration is configuration-free. If your website includes Google Analytics for Web (analytics.js), you’ll receive Event Actions from Connector Script automatically.


Prior versions of Connector Script have supported other analytics services automatically. See the Migration Guide for details.

Emitted Event Actions

A list of all emitted Event Actions can be found in chapter Event Actions.

Custom Analytics Integration

In some cases, you might want to extend and/or override the automatic analytics integration. For example:

  • To use a custom analytics service

  • To suppress certain Event Actions

These cases can be covered by using the In-Page Configuration Callback “On Analytics Event”