AMP Access LaterPay

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source project created by Google, which allows publishers to create static content pages that render fast. It’s built with mobile content in mind but it can be used for websites to be viewed in any platform, and it’s targeted at and thought for content publishers and producers on the web.

AMP supports integration with third party services via extensions which are part of the AMP project and are easy to use. AMP JavaScript components are built with a subset of web technologies and performant methodologies in mind, and they make use of the code already distributed with the AMP platform.

As such, we’ve created our own component for use with AMP. It’s called AMP Access LaterPay.

If you already use our Connector component for your non AMP pages and you want to use LaterPay on your AMP pages, you can make use of AMP Access LaterPay.

Even if you are only building AMP pages, you can still use LaterPay services with this extension.

It makes use of the same backend service as our Connector and can be configured through the same web application as Connector.

If you’d like to see an example, check out our AMP Access LaterPay demo.

If you are new to AMP, get started with understanding what AMP is, and with building your first AMP page.

If you have already built your website using AMP:

  1. Get a LaterPay account.

  2. Follow the documentation on the AMP Access LaterPay page for integrating the component into your pages.

  3. Follow the Connector documentation on how to configure Connector (be aware that the same kind of in page configuration via meta tags as in Connector is not supported)