Connector Script

Connector Script is a lightweight JavaScript app that is embedded into your website and acts as gate keeper for your paid content.

These are the main features of Connector Script:

  • Identify users and manage user token cookie
  • Request purchase items and access status from Connector API
  • Hide paid content and render Purchase Overlay which lists purchase items, if the current user doesn’t have access to the current article

Connector Script offers even more:

However, setting up a basic integration is as easy as adding a single <script> tag to the <head> section of all the pages of your website which include paid content. All further code changes are optional: Connector Script will automatically start its job as a gate keeper as soon as you have provided the necessary configuration.

Read more about how to configure Connector in chapter Configuration.

The URL that you use to include Connector Script depends on the region, environment and locale of your integration. You can find the proper URL(s) in section URLs of Connector Script. More details about how and why URLs are put together like this are provided in chapter Regions, Environments and Locales.

For a complete list of all releases, see chapter Releases of Connector Script.