Article IDΒΆ

By default, the URL of an article is used to match it to a Premium Content or Time Pass, but instead of specifying a URL path for a Premium Content or Time Pass you can set an Article ID in the Connector-UI and then use the article_id In-Page Configuration parameter to match the article with the Premium Content or the Time Pass.

This is necessary in cases, where matching a Premium Content or Time Pass by an article’s URL is not flexible enough. Example scenarios are

  • multipage articles, which spread over multiple paths, like /example/page-1, /example/page-2 and /example/page-3
  • multilanguage articles, where the same Premium Content can be available under different paths like /en/example and /de/example


<meta property="laterpay:connector:article_id" content="my_custom_article_id">

This sets the Article ID to “my_custom_article_id”.