Connector offers two ways of configuration, which offer different features and can be used in combination:

To get your Connector integration up an running, you need to set up the following mandatory configuration:

  • At least one Template
  • At least one Price Point
  • At least one Single Purchase

The easiest way to set up the mandatory configuration is by using Connector Admin Interface. See chapter Connector Admin Interface for more details.

In-Page Configuration is optional, you don’t need it to set up the mandatory configuration. However, some features, like custom appearance of user interface elements, rely on In-Page Configuration. Read more about this in chapter In-Page Configuration.

To get an overview of the features each way of configuration offers, here’s a feature matrix:

Feature Connector Admin Interface In-Page Configuration
Set up Templates  
Set up Price Points
Set up Single Purchases
Set up Time Passes  
Set up Subscriptions  
Customize appearance of user interface elements  
Customize translations of user interface elements  
Register In-Page Configuration callbacks  
Set up Custom Analytics Integration